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    What Are HPI Checks?

    By cooldude | January 5, 2013

    HPI Check, car buying tipsAn HPI check is very important for you if you own a car. Having an HPI check will officially ensure that the car is not stolen, doesn’t have any outstanding finances on it, and is cleared by insurance companies. It also checks if it has proper updated insurance. Before you buy a car, that is, second hand cars or cars from an auction or exhibition, you need to make sure to get a follow up HPI check on it.

    If it’s a second hand car, it possible that it might have been a part of an accident. The HPI check will confirm that the car has undergone legal repairs and has been cleared by insurance companies. It’s like an official vehicle background history information check up system which helps you to ensure that the car is safe, legal, and fit to be driven. So make sure that whenever you go for a second hand car, you do an HPI check on it.

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