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    Top 3 ideas to set up small scale business

    By cooldude | May 1, 2013

     small scale business, business ideasThe best of most small business ideas are ones that require very little capital to start of with and give a steady flow of income. Most of the common ones today are education based. Teaching is a great way to start up a good small scale business. Teaching students in batches is one way of getting a small business up and running with basically no capital investment.

    Other small time business can be set up around the online forum. You could set up a business to provide for ac certain type of commodities at rock bottom prices, for that you would need inside working ideas and wholesaler contacts that can provide you these rock bottom prices. Another way of starting a small business is recommendation. Your services for recommending a business or forum to a client can earn you good money but for that there is need of a good credentials.

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