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    Tips On Contract Negotiation On Your Salary

    By cooldude | March 8, 2014

    Negotiation On Your SalaryIf you are contemplating on the night before the final interview of the job you dreamt for long then you must give it a serious thought regarding the most important issue– salary negotiation. Many struggle thinking about their demand or what they are worth to be given on salary.

    However, they also don’t want to lose the job to somebody ‘affordable’ also. So, here comes a few tips on salary negotiation of your contractual jobs.

    1. Don’t utter the figure at first sight: If you on the interview table with your employer, don’t divulge the salary figure that’s on your mind instantly right at the beginning, as it might distract both the parties and let you lose your focus. Once the employer declares to hire you as the candidate start putting the issue on table, but again cleverly.

    2. Let them say: Don’t commit the mistake of blurting out the final salary amount to your employer the moment you are asked. Try giving your employer say the amount, urge him or her to say the salary the suits your job responsibility and profile. If you are not dealing with the wrong dealers, you are less likely to get the wrong figures from the takers.

    3. Do considerable research: Before giving the final nod, you must do considerable research work regarding your salary. People pertaining to similar job profile like yours, can give you a valuable insight. Surfing net, talking to experienced veterans will only let you see the big picture of your salary. Several magazines, especially solely focused on industries are also available; you can take guidance from those avenues too.

    4. Take note of benefits: You must remember that your salary negotiation is not finalized until you discuss the other benefits attached with your job. Talking about CLs, medical leaves, earned leaves, provident fund, gratuity and tax pros and cons is a vital. If there is a salary negotiation window at your company that’s even better.

    5. Consider your post too: While negotiating your salary with your employers, you must also give it a serious thought about your job profile also. Remember that most of the salary negotiation happens only at the senior level. People with decent years of working experience and skill always enjoy the privilege of asking for some extra, while the newbie’s have to wait to reach this point. If your offered salary is not much less than the market price, you should go for it. Because being extra calculative sometimes may affect your career prospects.

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