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    Responsibilities and Rights of a Tenant

    By cooldude | January 3, 2014

    Rights of a TenantBefore asking about your responsibilities and rights as a tenant, you first must realize that these differ from state to state. And once in a tenant landlord contract, you must be fully aware of your rights and also fulfill your duties and responsibilities diligently.

    The major responsibility that you will have as a tenant will be to comply totally to the rental agreement that you sign with your landlord. You must pay your rent on time every month, and in full amount. Landlords can get really fussy about late rent payments. So make sure you do not give them a chance to crib. If your landlord sees that you are responsible and trustworthy as far as paying the rent on time is concerned, he will make sure he completes his duties properly as well. Another major responsibility on your part will be to keep your rented premises neat, clean and in proper shape. You must adhere to and respect all the HOA rules of your contract. If your landlord has provided you with any equipment or furniture, you must make sure that is well taken care of. If any high cost item such as an AC or a Television set does go bad and needs repair, you must inform the landlord and consult with him. The payment for the repair though must be done by you. Another major responsibility is that if you are going to be away from your rented property for long, you must inform your landlord from beforehand. This is advisable because the landlord has no chance of taking your absence as abandonment of the property illegally.

    As far as rights are concerned, no landlord can increase the rent amount on the property you have rented before giving you a prior notice with reasons for increase of rent. It is the same way if your landlord wants you to vacate his property. You must ensure that these important facts and other rights are entered in the contract. Your landlord also has to respect your privacy and not pay you frequent visits.

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