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    Proper credit management for your business

    By cooldude | July 29, 2012

    Credit management, business creditBanks and businesses have a close relationship with each other. In the recent times with the downfall in economy the credit management of a business has to be very strong so that they get credit from the banks. With many companies getting bankrupt it is hard to get a loan nowadays from any bank. So what are the things that you can do to manage your credit in your business? Firstly you must talk to your accountant frequently about the financial position of your business.

    There are certain points that you can discuss about such as the tax amount that is paid each year and how it can be evaded, what are the possible turnovers that is expected at the end of the current year, what are the results of vat returns and many such topics. This keeps you up to date of what is going on in the finance department because after all you are working for the profit.

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