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    Profitable Direct Marketing Campaign

    By cooldude | December 4, 2013

    Profitable Direct MarketingThe meaning of direct marketing is to approach directly to the viewers on an individual basis. It is not a group marketing unlike through a radio or television channel. It can be really gainful if done properly. Some examples of direct marketing are – personal letters, email, leaflets sent directly, boardroom lunch etc. Below are the five tips which will help you to make most of your return on investment:

    Set your budget- What consequences you want to attain from direct marketing campaign can be decided on by given factors like sales made, units sold ,new contacts made etc. Your aim should be whatever the best results appropriate for your business are. This will help you to set your budget.

    Find your target audience- The theme of direct marketing is to express a precise message to a specific viewers. If you have diverse customers then slices your market. You can slice your target spectators in several ways counting geographically, by gender, by age, new customers only, send those marketing messages that resonates with them.

    Determine your method- The ways through which you will send your information- mail, email, catalogue, gathering at your office should be decided.

    Cut through the noise- Though people come across near about 5000 advertisements daily you need to think about how to be persuasive, relevant and unforgettable. Some thought to do this include:-use of photographs, catching lines, glowing colors or images, unusual shapes, marble effects etc.

    Evaluate your results- the feedback to your direct marketing campaign will tell you what you need to do in order to improve your next direct marketing operation. Some question you required to ask yourself is as follows-

    Did I meet my aims or exceeded it?
    Did I strike my right target viewers?
    Was the market message perfect for the viewers?
    What one feature could I pinch for a better result?

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