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  • Responsibilities and Rights of a Tenant

    By cooldude | January 3, 2014

    Rights of a TenantBefore asking about your responsibilities and rights as a tenant, you first must realize that these differ from state to state. And once in a tenant landlord contract, you must be fully aware of your rights and also fulfill your duties and responsibilities diligently.

    The major responsibility that you will have as a tenant will be to comply totally to the rental agreement that you sign with your landlord. You must pay your rent on time every month, and in full amount. Landlords can get really fussy about late rent payments. So make sure you do not give them a chance to crib. If your landlord sees that you are responsible and trustworthy as far as paying the rent on time is concerned, he will make sure he completes his duties properly as well. Another major responsibility on your part will be to keep your rented premises neat, clean and in proper shape. You must adhere to and respect all the HOA rules of your contract. If your landlord has provided you with any equipment or furniture, you must make sure that is well taken care of. If any high cost item such as an AC or a Television set does go bad and needs repair, you must inform the landlord and consult with him. The payment for the repair though must be done by you. Another major responsibility is that if you are going to be away from your rented property for long, you must inform your landlord from beforehand. This is advisable because the landlord has no chance of taking your absence as abandonment of the property illegally.

    As far as rights are concerned, no landlord can increase the rent amount on the property you have rented before giving you a prior notice with reasons for increase of rent. It is the same way if your landlord wants you to vacate his property. You must ensure that these important facts and other rights are entered in the contract. Your landlord also has to respect your privacy and not pay you frequent visits.

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    Risk in Real Estate Investment?

    By cooldude | December 28, 2013

    Real Estate InvestmentThe risk factor is synonymous with real estate business from the beginning. Risk is something which the proprietor should be ready to take regardless of anything. Real estate deals with the buying, renting and selling of land, something which not everybody is capable to handle or accustomed to handle or in the position to handle. There is various kind of risk involved with real estate investment, here are such few:

    In case of direct ownership by an individual the profits can be shared by the proprietor alone and the decisions too can be taken alone; if the profits are taken by a single person then needless to say if there is loss, which too needs to be taken care of by that individual alone. That’s where the major risk comes from. In case of properties being handled by partners there is a chance that your partner may not be so financially stable that he may be able to share the loss with you. Apart from that he may not have the managerial skills or renting skills and may be prone to bad decision making. His methods of improvement may not be in alignment to yours which makes matters even worse. Publicly traded real estate investment trusts are the ones where you blindly adhere to the company who is doing good and invest in them. The drawback of this kind of investment might be that if the company falls the entire amount of your investment might be a sheer waste.

    There are times when these real estate planners just come out to you from nowhere and offer a plan that is just 100% beneficiary to you; these are the times when you need to look out for people with the intention of conning you. Investing in foreign real estate too is a risky business as fluctuations in currency prices.

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    Home based earning ideas for Women

    By cooldude | December 23, 2013

    Home based earningWomen nowadays are reaching a whole new level of expertise in the fields they are opting to do, this however is applicable only to the women who are given enough freedom and liberty to move out of their own houses and go to an elsewhere place to work. However for a woman who is not open to the idea of going to a different place to work by the family is bound to stay at home. Staying at home and becoming the caretaker of the family will become monotonous and a woman will feel the need to do something other than that. Here is an article which speaks about the various things a woman can do from home.

    Become a ‘mompreneur’. This makes you take care of the other women in your friend circle who are mommies. The demand for a product or a service which is applicable in the area where you stay initiates this idea. Fitness classes for other women, bilingual classes for kids, cookery classes for little girls, sewing, arts and crafts for little children, taking care of the lawn and other things which you excel at or have done before can be taught.

    A business can be started. The kind of clothes and accessories a woman uses in that area can be modified a little and sold at a higher price. The effort of other woman to go to the shop make a decision and buy it from there will not be more preferable than purchase from the-next-door-woman at a slightly higher cost.
    Becoming a virtual assistant is also another option. A woman is as it is a perfectionist as they call it. A virtual assistant is no different from an ordinary assistant ad does all the work from fixing appointments, administrative work, typing and everything else only virtually.

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    Profitable Direct Marketing Campaign

    By cooldude | December 4, 2013

    Profitable Direct MarketingThe meaning of direct marketing is to approach directly to the viewers on an individual basis. It is not a group marketing unlike through a radio or television channel. It can be really gainful if done properly. Some examples of direct marketing are – personal letters, email, leaflets sent directly, boardroom lunch etc. Below are the five tips which will help you to make most of your return on investment:

    Set your budget- What consequences you want to attain from direct marketing campaign can be decided on by given factors like sales made, units sold ,new contacts made etc. Your aim should be whatever the best results appropriate for your business are. This will help you to set your budget.

    Find your target audience- The theme of direct marketing is to express a precise message to a specific viewers. If you have diverse customers then slices your market. You can slice your target spectators in several ways counting geographically, by gender, by age, new customers only, send those marketing messages that resonates with them.

    Determine your method- The ways through which you will send your information- mail, email, catalogue, gathering at your office should be decided.

    Cut through the noise- Though people come across near about 5000 advertisements daily you need to think about how to be persuasive, relevant and unforgettable. Some thought to do this include:-use of photographs, catching lines, glowing colors or images, unusual shapes, marble effects etc.

    Evaluate your results- the feedback to your direct marketing campaign will tell you what you need to do in order to improve your next direct marketing operation. Some question you required to ask yourself is as follows-

    Did I meet my aims or exceeded it?
    Did I strike my right target viewers?
    Was the market message perfect for the viewers?
    What one feature could I pinch for a better result?

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    Basic security measures for new business

    By cooldude | November 24, 2013

    business securityTaking care of the basic or fundamental security measures for new business is a bare essential task on your part. You should take this task too seriously. It is really important that you take a cautious stance in this connection. Here goes a look into a few steps that you can take.

    • You do need to be very careful about the encryption part. It is pretty important on your part to do so. If you care for the data security aspects then you do need to take care of this particular issue for sure.
    • In this connection you do need to focus on proper safety training for sure. It is as useful and beneficial as your business planning initiatives.
    • Make it a point that you are going to take care of the various types of breach related issues specifically.
    • It is really important on your part that you are going to take good care of the breach protection related aspects for sure. It is indeed essential to make room for regular breach investigation activities.
    • It is also a dire necessity for you to ensure proper as well as streamlined risk assessment facilities or systems. You need to be too careful in this aspect. Do not take the issue lightly if you happen to be a newbie in the domain of business.

    So these are the basic or fundamental security measures for new business. If you happen to be a green horn or a newbie in the domain of any sort of business you should mind them. You have to do it without making any slipups. These safety measures are going to help you a lot. Do implement them with an eye to precision.

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    Some valuable business tips for entrepreneurs

    By cooldude | November 15, 2013

    business tips for entrepreneursMany people have experience undertaking the business world. Own business allows us to choose in each moment which is more convenient to do. It means being aware of our responsibilities and commitments in this regard.

    These are the tips:

    ? Prepare for failure: It is shown that real entrepreneurs have an infinite strength to support one or more NO. Even so, they have continued to persist in your idea or have been modified to take it forward. Never give up.

    ? Observe, travel, and learn: Knowledge is acquired not only in the classrooms of a college or university; there are also other mechanisms such as observation and travel to increase their intelligence.

    ? Sacrifice their places of comfort: Sometimes success is achieved after long hours of work (including weekends) and at first with little recognition or financial reward. In April, Let flow: No limit. The best ideas occur when least expected. In May, Ignorance may be good counsel: Ignore a theme is the gateway to broaden your knowledge and have other views. In June, Be willing to innovate and diversify its core business: The world changes every day and you should make sure to keep up. Support the progress of their employees and grow with them: A good result is rarely alone. When you trust your team and it in you, the path to growth is stronger. Think community: Find the individual benefit him away from his goal of being a true entrepreneur.

    ? Avoid debt: interest rates and unconscionable loans they can lead to bankruptcy. Have a clean and transparent financial control.

    There are more than a few drops of obstinacy: Although it may seem a defect, stubbornness can become your best ally when guts to launch a project. The biggest challenge for any man or woman entrepreneur is to learn to balance their family and working life. It costs a lot to put limits on everything, but in this note we will give you some valuable tips to achieve it. For entrepreneurs, having your own business is what best fits a good balance of both, for the freedom we get, for organizing the time devoted to each task, and also because we set economic goals we want to meet our needs and desires.

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    Retired?? What next??

    By cooldude | November 6, 2013

    business ideas for retired peopleA recent survey showed that most men and women who have retired and are about to retire are persistent on the fact that they carry on with their earning. They want to be on their own and not dependent on their kids for their incomes. When asked what and how have they thought of making an earning even after their retirement? Most of them are for business. It is a good idea too for them to move along in this field because not only does it keep them busy and provide them with irregular but good incomes, they are also actually very good at it. Productive results from their lifetime of experiences make this option very rewarding.

    A culinary business is something which can be opted for by women. Most women are at their very best when they are in the kitchen. Why not turn this into a business. There are many rich households who are willing to pay a handsome amount of money to those who are willing to go up and cook for them in their houses. A culinary business can be started from home too. Deliveries of food, cooked from your home itself can also be made. Only that your kitchen needs to be approved by the concerned authorities of the hygiene standards and your kitchen has to be commercialised.

    Another very good business option can be the consultancy one. Younger people who have just started out in life need to work based on experiences. Obviously they cannot wait for mistakes to happen and then learning from them. Here is the time where you play your part. Give them advice and talk to them about your experiences and what do you think might be the correct decision to make. Working from home through web at your own convenience is the best thing about this business.

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    Business Ideas For People Who Want To Earn After Retirement

    By cooldude | November 2, 2013

    business ideas for retired peopleAccording to a recently conducted survey on people who were nearing the age of retirement, most people want to continue earning even after retiring from their jobs. Most of the people surveyed were keen to start their own businesses after retiring from their current job. In fact, it is a very good idea for retired people to start their own business as they have a lifetime of skills and experience and this helps them garner a rewarding and productive experience when the set up their business. So, if you are nearing your age of retirement and are thinking about starting a business, then here are some ideas that you can take a look at.

    For starters, you can open a consultancy business. Your years of job help you to develop skills and gather experience that younger people can really use to improve their careers. Nowadays the assistance of consultants is sought for a wide array of projects and if you were involved in similar projects earlier, you will be able to offer some handy advice. Setting up a consulting business will help you to earn good money and at the same time control your own time and schedules. You can also work from home, sharing your advice and tips through the internet.

    If you are proud of your culinary skills and love to experiment in the kitchen, then cooking can be a great business option for you. A lot of busy and well-to-do families are ready to pay someone to come and cook the meals for their families. In fact, the families allow people to come and cook in their homes even while they are away and keep the food in the fridge. This is a very good business idea. However, if you want to deliver food that you cook in your own house you will need a commercial kitchen which is approved by the concerned authorities.

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    Home business options for young teens

    By cooldude | October 20, 2013

    home business for teenThe world is gripped by the phenomenon of consumerism and it has been seen that teenagers are very much a part of this bandwagon. Young teenagers always seem to want the latest gadget in town or the latest fashion accessories. If you are a teenager who wants to own a few fancy things but are given a small allowance by your parents then you can think about starting a home based business. Trying your hands at entrepreneurship at a young age will prepare you well for the future and also help you to earn a few extra bucks to purchase the clothes and the gizmos you want to.

    Home child care is a very good option for teenagers who want to earn extra money. Parents of little children are always looking for extra help to look after their kids and you can look after a couple of kids in your neighborhood every evening. You must create different price ranges for the services you offer depending on what each set of parents want expect from you, whether you will have to pick up the kids from their schools, help them with their homework and serve them dinner. It is advised that you get a certificate in first aid and CPR before starting and this will help more parents to trust you with their kids.

    Tutoring is also a very good business idea, especially if you excel in school at a particular subject. You can offer to assist other students who are struggling with that subject and earn decent amount of money from it. To promote your tuition classes you can post some fliers around the schools and you can also promote your services online. To ensure that you do well it is important that you highlight your academic achievements like SAT scores and grades and special awards.

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    Consulting a good business consultant

    By cooldude | October 11, 2013

    good business consultantIn order to make your business expand and popular it is important to get financial and business management advice from an outside source as well. An outside opinion is always important as it helps to look at the situation from someone else’s perspective and not being flowed with your very own emotions and thus losing out on good opportunities. When you hire a business consultant it is important to know whether you have truly made the right choice or not by asking him to give you a list of his latest endeavours. If the consultant is any good then it will be reflected in that list of the people he has worked with. Prior to hiring one consultant it is important to talk to a few of them before making the final choice.

    From the first meet itself you should know if the consultant is your right choice or not depending on his attitude. He should be genuinely interested in all your business agendas and functioning systems. He should know exactly what is required for your business in order to higher the income and eventually curb costs which are not so important. It is necessary to make sure that the consultant has error and omission insurance to protect your business in case he makes a blunder or a mistake.

    Trust is a very vital ingredient to make the consultant loyal to your company. Being comfortable in the presence of each other and being straightforward about things of concern is required. It is important that you tell your consultant exactly what you want him to do and what you want him not to do. Telling the consultant how much level of secrecy will be expected from before is a good way to start off; he can be told who all to interact with and who all will be working under him.

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