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    Online education business, what is the ongoing trend

    By cooldude | March 11, 2012

    Online education businessWith the increase in the importance of education in the present era, people try to use all the resources available to gain as much knowledge as possible. Internet has become a very useful medium for information and entertainment, and now there are many educational institutes and services on the internet which provide education online. Online education business is quite a new concept and is growing at a good rate.

    With webcams and headphones one can easily interact online, and therefore educating people has also become quite popular through the internet. This business is booming in various countries and will spread to every corner of the world within few years. Though there are people who are against online education because it may lead to no physical activities at all and children will put on weight. This is one of the reasons why people are against this system of education through a virtual medium.


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