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    Necessity of Officers while Forming a Corporation

    By Busines expert | June 29, 2011

    Corporations are created and authorized under a state law and thus are managed accordingly. A company is treated as an individual entity and is abided by the law in a same way as a human being. A company when formed as a limited company, it is usually considered as protecting the interest of the owners. The property or assests of the owner are safe guarded from the law.

    While creating a company, you always require the presence of officers and authorized personnel. These officials authorize whether the company is legal or not. This validation enables you to determine the required papers are complete or not as well. They also enable you to determine the authorized capital and the number of shares to be issued.

    A corporation when commenced or initiated, the owners need to hire an official for all the legal tasks, but for a limited liability company, this is not a necessity. Thus many find a limited liability company a feasible option to opt for.

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