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    Making Smart Decisions while Investing

    By Busines expert | June 29, 2011

    Every one of us is really excited about the musicality of the stock market – the ups & downs and the ever changing pitches. May be that is why many of use are eager to investing in stock trading.

    Buying and selling shares is often seen as a high risk, yet high ROI task. There are primarily two types of options for such investors.

    First is DRIP (Dividend Reinvestment Plan), a direct buying/selling transaction of stocks between the investor and the corporate giants through their investor relations department. This transaction does not call for a commission.

    The next option is the traditional method of stock investing – opening a brokerage account & paying lump-sum commissions on every transaction. Nowadays, there are many share trading companies out there, some like Morgan who charge hefty commissions for their “customized” solutions, while many others who are much more economic. Before investing, one should make a note of the pros, cons & limitations of every investment plan.

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