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    How to reduce your credit card APR

    By cooldude | January 19, 2013

    Reduce credit card APR, credit cardThis article will be of great help to you if you are looking for ways to reduce your credit card APR.
    • You can definitely reduce your credit card APR by maintaining a good credit record. The payments should be cleared on time. If you have a good payment record then the credit card APR gets reduced.
    • You should be determined to lower your credit card APR. The representatives of the credit card companies try to postpone the demands of the customers because the companies loose the money if the credit card APR are reduced. But you should remain firm with your request.
    • Some organizations do not have the policies of reducing APR. It is better to move away from those organizations. People should rely on those companies who offer lower APR and have no hidden costs.
    • People should possess good negotiating skills and thus they will be successful in reducing credit card APR.
    • You can check on the internet for the best rates existing in the market and then can talk with your credit card company. If they agree to reduce credit card APR then it is fine, otherwise you can move somewhere else.
    If you follow the above instructions then you can definitely reduce credit card APR.

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