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    How to improve work culture at your office

    By cooldude | June 5, 2013

    Learn office cultureIf you think that your workplace sucks and you want to improve the situation for better productivity and peace of mind, then start from yourself. There are many rewards of having good communication skills. You get more attention, you get people to look you and you can also develop good relations and be confident about yourself. Having good communication skills doesn’t just mean that you talk good. It also means that you are a good listener.

    If you have a problem with someone, then hear him or her out with a cool mind, talk properly, and solve it. Don’t indulge in gossip. Finish your own work on time before helping someone out, if required. Being partial can create problems in all sectors. So don’t be partial even if you have a soft spot for someone. If there is a newcomer, then help him or her. Avoid dirty politics as much as you can. It only leads to trouble.

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