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    How To Check Property Is Legal Or Not

    By cooldude | September 23, 2014

    legal propertyLooking for your dream house of late? Well, your won house is certainly a treasured legacy that you would love to proudly pass on to the family- and hence you need to be really serious about the property selection. The experts always advise to take a property inspection to find out the possible faults and improvement needs while you are buying an existing house. While these points are important you also need to be clear about the legitimacy of your chosen house before you sign the deal. There have been cases where dishonest owners fled by passing on an illegal house to innocent buyer and it’s the latter who had to bear the brunt afterwards. You would definitely have your broker to look after these issues but it would be better if you yourself too are educated about the strategies to determine the legitimacy of a chosen property.

    Check title papers

    You must ask the owner to display the title papers before you strike the deal with him. A legitimate property will always carry clean title papers. It’s good if you can bring a seasoned property lawyer with you who will look into the nuances of paperwork which are usually illegible for laymen.

    Approval from major banks

    This is another major point to check for while you want to be sure about the legitimacy of a house. Always remember that legitimate properties generally have the approval from major banks. The leading banks will only appreciate a property that can come up with legal clearances & valid documents. So, if your chosen property does not show approval sign from leading banks, its better to look elsewhere.

    Check constructed area & sanctioned area

    You must make sure to check out the legitimacy of the construction area & sanctioned area before you settle down with a new property. Ask builder for sanctioned plan as you have to check it with actual built-up zone. This step is important as at times you might come across illegal constructions which are not built according to original sanctioned plans.

    Encumbrance certificate

    You must ask the owner to submit encumbrance certificate of the property. This certificate carriers details on earlier registrations – and serves as the evidence of a completely legal property free from mortgages & legal dues.

    Property tax payment

    The owner who pays property tax regularly proves himself as a responsible owner- who is well aware of the legal affairs of the house. Thus, it’s advised that you check out whether your chosen property owner has been regular with property taxes or not. A reliable owner with legitimate property will never hesitate to show up with his property tax papers.

    Registered society

    You should also check out whether your chosen property holds membership with an authentic registered society or not. It’s because, participation in registered society itself clears doubts about the legitimacy concerns since such participation is never possible unless the property has all the legal documents in proper order.

    Wish you all the best as you go out for a reliable property hunt.

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