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    How safe is it to transact online

    By cooldude | April 20, 2012

    Online transaction, onlinePeople are often skeptical about transacting money online. Their reasons are absolutely justified because the internet is a platform which is also infected with a lot of hackers who tend to keep a close watch on money transfer gateways. One must be very careful when it comes to transaction of money via the internet. Generally, online banking accounts, have a separate online transaction password assigned to their customers so that they can have a safe transaction.

    The bank companies build a gateway with different account and transaction secure processes in order to program safe and smooth transaction. What might worry you about transaction of money online is the sites that are not renowned or authenticated; for instance gaming sites, gambling sites etc. One must be very careful about transacting money in these places. But with a lot of security being provided nowadays transaction of money online is mostly secure, safe and trustworthy.

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