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    Home business options for young teens

    By cooldude | October 20, 2013

    home business for teenThe world is gripped by the phenomenon of consumerism and it has been seen that teenagers are very much a part of this bandwagon. Young teenagers always seem to want the latest gadget in town or the latest fashion accessories. If you are a teenager who wants to own a few fancy things but are given a small allowance by your parents then you can think about starting a home based business. Trying your hands at entrepreneurship at a young age will prepare you well for the future and also help you to earn a few extra bucks to purchase the clothes and the gizmos you want to.

    Home child care is a very good option for teenagers who want to earn extra money. Parents of little children are always looking for extra help to look after their kids and you can look after a couple of kids in your neighborhood every evening. You must create different price ranges for the services you offer depending on what each set of parents want expect from you, whether you will have to pick up the kids from their schools, help them with their homework and serve them dinner. It is advised that you get a certificate in first aid and CPR before starting and this will help more parents to trust you with their kids.

    Tutoring is also a very good business idea, especially if you excel in school at a particular subject. You can offer to assist other students who are struggling with that subject and earn decent amount of money from it. To promote your tuition classes you can post some fliers around the schools and you can also promote your services online. To ensure that you do well it is important that you highlight your academic achievements like SAT scores and grades and special awards.

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