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    Factors to consider while hiring an HR officer

    By cooldude | November 5, 2012

    Hire a HR officer, HRAn HR officer is a must when it comes to maintaining and running an organization in law and order. The job of an HR officer is to take care of all the employees and staff working in the organization and also to hire few personnel, train them and dedicate them to specific jobs depending on their skills and capacity. It is therefore of extreme importance that an HR officer is chosen with care.

    Here are a few factors that have to be considered:

    • The HR officer must have, apart from the required educational qualifications, the ability to communicate effectively and freely. It is the HR who has to deal with all employee problems and hence communication is an important skill.
    • She/he should be able to deal with situations effectively and tactfully without hurting sentiments, yet carrying out what is good for the organization.
    • Should be unbiased and practical.

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