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    About Your Investment Portfolio

    By Busines expert | June 29, 2011

    As a fresher in the investment market, somewhere between your twenties, you are more than eager to load your money to secure high and reliable returns in future. However, it is recommended to take out some time to create your investment portfolio to compare where you actually stand as to where you thought you stood.

    First and very important, decide why you are investing – is it for your child’s secure future, your retirement or something else? Accordingly, chalk out the probable duration of investment. Next, decide the amount you can comfortably invest at this step. Do not just rush to invest a huge amount, an act you might repent later. Take it coolly, you can always increase the amount later. Also, calculate the amount of risk you are ready to undertake.

    Once you have compiled this data into your investment portfolio, contact an investment consultant and find out the best available options for you to invest.

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