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    5 steps to raise capital for your business

    By cooldude | January 14, 2013

    Tips to raise capital, business capitalIs your head blooming with a brilliant business idea? Are you are well prepared with all the research work ?are you are all set to implement your business plan and bring it to reality and all you need to do is raise capital to invest then here are a few useful tips that you can utilize to ensure adequate finances for a decent start up. You can either use your own capital if you have enough which is termed as owners’ equity which is generally the safest option. Another option is to impress your friends and relatives with your business and offer them to become investors or financers to your concern at their discretion.

    But you must have a very rational and a professional approach. If your credit worthiness is high due to your past credit history then you will also be eligible for personal loans. Most banks are resistant to pay loans that are unsecured. So the business plan’s consistency is very essential. Another helpful option is to approach venture capitalists or angel investors to invest in your business if it’s a small business.

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